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Columbus Blue Jackets Add Ottawa-based CrowdWave’s Interactive Game System as Game Day Feature for 2010-2011 NHL Season

October 18, 2010

Columbus Blue Jackets install CrowdWave’s interactive game system and “Vision Interactive”™ technology in the Nationwide Arena for Blue Jackets’ 2010-2011 season.

Quote startWe’re excited to introduce entertainment technology that sports fans in Columbus and our team sponsors haven’t experienced beforeQuote end

Ottawa, ON (Vocus) October 18, 2010

The Columbus Blue Jackets and CrowdWave announced that they have signed an agreement to bring CrowdWave’s interactive game system and “Vision Interactive”™ technology to the Nationwide Arena for the team’s 2010-2011 season. CrowdWave’s proprietary branded entertainment technology will enable the Blue Jackets to deliver interactive game day entertainment to their fans and sponsors throughout the coming season. CrowdWave is a unique mass-participation interactive game platform that will make it possible for Blue Jackets fans to get in the game, literally, to engage with each other and team sponsors, in competitive or cooperative mass play, with video games shown on the Nationwide Arena’s massive video displays.

The team expects to use the CrowdWave system during select stoppages in play. Fans will experience a completely new level of interaction, controlling game play, answering a question or making a choice simply by moving their arms. The Vision Interactive technology may also be used to generate audience metrics – data driven by the intensity of the crowd’s engagement and participation at any given point in the evening.

“We’re excited to introduce entertainment technology that sports fans in Columbus and our team sponsors haven’t experienced before,” said Kimberly Kershaw, Columbus Blue Jackets Director of Game Presentation and Production.

For Mark Edwards, President of CrowdWave, the goal of the system is a fun combination of interactive game day entertainment and sports sponsorship. “Nothing compares to the experience of going to the game, of seeing it live with 20,000 other fans,” said Edwards. “CrowdWave builds on that unique live-event experience, getting fans in the game, working together or competing against each other, giving them another strong reason to come to the game. We build the sponsor’s product and message into that experience from the start, to engage fans with the brand in a way that doesn’t take away from the fun, giving the Blue Jackets a premium source of sponsorship revenue.”

About CrowdWave
CrowdWave’s game system and Vision Interactive™ technology analyzes the direction, intensity and timing of a crowd’s movement, as a whole or section by section, to control on-screen events – to play a game, answer a poll or make a choice. CrowdWave turns every fan into a human controller, enabling them to work together or to compete against each other, providing professional and collegiate sports teams and their sponsors with a powerful opportunity to engage fans interactively.

CrowdWave® is a division of Bent 360: MediaLab Inc., a branded entertainment technology company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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